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About “Dynamo” plant

“Dynamo” plant has been officially established on the 1st of December, 1965..

The owner of the plant was a legendary sport society “Dynamo”. It had an idea of self-repayment and expansion of manufacturing foundation.

In 1966 there were made first multy-layer skis “Temp” meant for sport and touring. At the same time a new veneer sheets workshop was built. Veneer sheets were needed for producing skis and hockey sticks. In 1968 there was made first hockey stick “Temp” for ice hockey.

Building of skis and veneer sheets workshops were periodically reconstructed. In 1969 “Dynamo” plant was renamed in experimental woodworking industrial complex (EWIC), in cause of producing new items. Nomenclature of production permanently grew. In 1980 industrial complex produced more over 180300 skis and 592100 hockey sticks.

Skis and hockey sticks produced by “Dynamo” plant used to be very popular and were sold everywhere in USSR (from Latvia and Ukraine to Far East ).

Our sticks were also popular among famous hockey players, world champions: Juriy Vojakov, Vasiliy Pervuhin, Aleksaner Maltsev. Hockey team “Torpedo” from Gorkiy city used our sticks too. Skis and sticks produced by experimental woodworking industrial complex (EWIC) “Dynamo” got precious awards for many times (1977, 1980, 1984, 1988).

There was a setback in production in 90’s because of low purchasing capacity and political instability in the country. Some problems were with production distribution – skis and hockey sticks lost it’s popularity among population.

In 1990 “Dynamo” plant started producing new items: block parquet, sticks for Russian hockey, plywood. From year to year production of plywood grew. In the beginning it was simple plywood FK (MR glue), then plant started producing bakelized plywood (FBW).

In 1992 experimental woodworking industrial complex (EWIC) “Dynamo” was reorganized in to PC (public corporation) “Dynamo” and then to OPC (open public corporation) “Dynamo”.

In the end of 2002 production of skis and sticks was closed. The plant started producing only large-size plywood.

In march 2005 the owner of the OPC “Dynamo” changed. There was created a new professional team of directors and managers. Their supervision and full financial support made manufacturing grow 3 times more. Under their guidance there was finished liquidation of debts and huge reconstruction of plant was executed. In our days OPC “Dynamo” is in the state of the development and full modernization of manufacturing capabilities.

HardWood trading company is an official distributor of OPC “Dynamo” in Russia and foreign countries.


About birch plywood

Далее мы постараемся рассказать о основных свойствах березовой фанеры, о ее маркировке и областях применения. Итак: 


— Березовая фанера ФК

При производстве этой фанеры используется карбомидная смола. Это стандартная фанера, которая используется внутри помещений. Великолепные механические свойства обеспечивают высокую прочность при минимальном весе. Шлифованная березовая фанера имеет гладкую и привлекательную поверхность.




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